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PowerWeightTM CW Battery
Price: $158.00
CW 10kg for CEM120
Price: $118.00
CW 9.5kg for iEQ45 and CEM60
Price: $108.00
SkyTracker Pro CW Package
Price: $79.00
SkyTracker Counterweight Package
Price: $75.00
Stainless Steel Extension Bar for 45/60
Price: $68.00
5kg Counterweight for iEQ45 and CEM60
Price: $60.00
4.5kg Counterweight for iEQ30, MT and CEM25
Price: $50.00
2.5kg Counterweight for CEM60 and IEQ45
Price: $40.00
2kg Counterweight for iEQ30, MT, ZEQ/CEM25
Price: $35.00