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SmartStar™ GO TO Mounts Featured in Sky and Telescope Magazine
Woburn, MA, USA, Sep. 24, 2007 -  SmartStar™ GO TO Telescope Mounts ("The Cube™") made by iOptron Corporation is featured in November 2007 issue of Sky and Telescopes Magazine.

The editors of Sky and Telescopes, the worldwide leading publication in astronomy, wrote in the magazine's New Product Showcase:

"With the overwhelming pupularity of GO TO telescopes, it is surprising that a product like the Cube (introductory price $199) from iOptron hasn't come along before now.  Thanks to its powerful Go To functions and Vixen-style dovetail connector, observers can now add computerized pointing and tracking to small telescopes for an extremely attractive price.  Powered by eight internally housed AA batteries or an optional AC power supply, the Cube stands 8 inch (20cm) tall and comes with a stainless-steel tripod.  The mount, which works in altazimouth mode, is rated for loads up to 7 pounds (3 kg) and available in several eye-catching colors. Options include a GPS module for automatic initialization and several advanced hand controllers with more features and larger databases than the standard 5,000-object list.  iOptron is also introducing a line of small Go To telescopes and other Go To mounts with capacities up to 30 pounds. "   

About iOptron

iOptron is a global company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative computerized telescopes and cutting-edge imaging products for multiple applications.

The SmartStarTM telescope mounts and telescope systems are the flagship offerings from iOptron. With iOptron’s SmartStarTM, sky-gazing is no longer an activity reserved for serious astronomy hobbyist only.  SmartStarTM GO TO and GPS Telescopes are user-friendly, accurate, portable and fun to operate. 

The 3D Optical Profiler Systems, Hyperspectral Imaging Systems and Stoke Polarization Imaging Systems are the technology solutions in a number of industrial and biomedical applications such as quantitative surface topography measurement, surface quality inspection; cancer detection, tissue inspection; gas/oil pipeline leakage detection, precision thermography, environmental monitoring, agricultural monitoring, medical screening and remote sensing.


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