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SmartEQ Pro with Hard Case 
# 3200-HC

Born out of the popular iOptron CubeTM and iEQTM mounts, the SmartEQTM Pro mount is the ultimate Grab N’ Go German equatorial GOTO mount fitting into almost everyone’s budget. It is ideal for visual observation and wide field astrophotography. The compact design and light weight make travelling with the mount easy.

The SmartEQTM Pro is a fully computerized mount with a database of 59,000 objects. It offers the next generation GOTO technology from iOptron. The Go2NovaTM Hand Controller is intuitive with a large LCD screen, with which you can easily set up your telescope and select where you want to navigate.

The Pro also features: metal gear, guiding port, and a polar scope.

The SmartEQTM Pro is universally compatible with any tubes using a Vixen-style dovetail connection, making it useful for beginners as well as hobbyists with multiple tubes.

Includes padded hard case

Included Accessories :

Price :  $548.00

SmartEQ Pro with Hard Case 
# 3200-HC
  • Specialized Grab N’ Go mount ideal for visual observer and wide field astro-photographer
  • Portable, compact, and sturdy German equatorial mount that is easy to travel with
  • Payload: 11 lb (5 kg) (excluding counterweight)
  • Mount weight: 6.2 lb (2.8 kg)
  • Tripod weight: 5.9 lbs
  • Dual-axis servomotor with optical encoder
  • Drive motor with 9-speed setting for precise tracking
  • Resolution: 0.5 arc second
  • Go2NovaTM 8408 controller with Advanced GOTONOVA® GoTo Technology
  • Over 59,000 celestial objects for easy surfing
  • Low power consumption (8 AA batteries for 16 hours consecutive tracking)
  • Vixen-type dovetail saddle
  • 2 lb. counterweight included
  • 3/8" threads to fit on camera mount
  • Standard 1.25 inch heavy-duty stainless steel tripod
  • Metal worm & gears
  • Guiding Port
  • Polar Scope included!
  • Also includes hard case
  • One year limited warranty
Price :  $548.00

SmartEQ Pro with Hard Case 
# 3200-HC
Price :  $548.00

SmartEQ Pro with Hard Case 
# 3200-HC
Price :  $548.00

SmartEQ Pro with Hard Case 
# 3200-HC
  1.25 amp AC Adaptor
  12V Car Re-charger and Cable
  RS232-RJ9 cable
  Tripod Carry Bag
Price :  $548.00