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iEQ30 with MAK 150mm 
# 3000-6101

The iEQ30 with MAK 150mm

The Mount
The iEQ30 offers the next generation GoTo technology from iOptron®. It come standard with a calibrated dark field illumination polar scope, built-in GPS, and sturdy 1.5 -inch stainless steel tripod legsPlus, it offers premium performance in an easy-to-transport package. Priced affordably – the iEQ30 is definitely worth its weight in gold.


The iOptron  MAK 150mm
You have to try it to believe it!

The iOptron Rumak-type 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain is perfect for the serious amateur astronomer who wants apochromatic refractor-type performance at an affordable price. In fact, the multicoated optics provide almost similar results as a 5-inch apochromatic refractor -- at a fraction of the cost.
You will be amazed at the images you'll see with the MAK 150—surprisingly. It resolves fine details in lunar and planetary subjects  splits closely-spaced binary stars and provides exploration of deep-sky objects. The precision design and engineering of the optics produces images you would not expect in such a light tube.
The MAK 150 from iOptron is the only MAK of its kind that comes with a dual speed focuser for fine-tuning your images. Also included is an attachable dew shield—rare for a MAK—for better performance in cold temperatures.
Price :  $1,999.00

iEQ30 with MAK 150mm 
# 3000-6101

    The iEQ30 Mount

    • Specialized astrophotography mount ideal for entry-level and intermediate astrophotographers
    • Payload: 31 lbs (14kg)
    • Mount weight: 15 lbs
    • Portable, compact, and sturdy German equatorial mount with the highest Payload/Mount ratio (2.0) in the category
    • ST-4 autoguiding port capable of reverse guiding with autoprotection
    • Permanant periodic error correction (PEC)
    • Ultra-accurate tracking with temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO)
    • Calibrated polar scope with dark-field illumination and easy polar alignment procedure, allowing for fast and accurate polar alignment
      Built-in 32-channel GPS
    • #8407 controller with Advanced GoToNOVA® technology
    • Resolution: 0.1 arc second
      Controller includes heating mechanism for working at low temperatures down to -20oC
    • RS232 port for ASCOM control
    • Includes Vixen-style mounting saddle.
    • Heavy-duty stainless steel tripod legs
    • Optional pier and hard case.
    • Accessories include: counterweight, extension bar, AC adaptor, 12V DC car plug adaptor, and RS232 cable


    MAK 150mm
    • Rumak Maksutov-Cassegrain optics
    • Aperture: 150mm
    • Focal Length: 1800/ f12          
    • Eyepiece holder with compression ring             
    • 8X50 Finderscope             
    • Twist-lock aluminum dew-shield
    • Dual-speed focuser     
Price :  $1,999.00

iEQ30 with MAK 150mm 
# 3000-6101
Price :  $1,999.00

iEQ30 with MAK 150mm 
# 3000-6101
Price :  $1,999.00

iEQ30 with MAK 150mm 
# 3000-6101
Price :  $1,999.00