FAQ: SkyTracker Pro Camera Mount

Trouble Shooting
» Unit does not power on

Make sure the built-in rechargeable batteries has been fully charged.
» I've charged the mount overnight, why the LED does not turn on and flash quickly?

You need to turn on the mount power to see the power indicator flashing.
» Why does the battery indicator flash rapidly even I plug or unplug the power?

The flash criteria is by the power level and fast flash indicates fully charged battery, no matter the plug is in or out. It should change to steady after short usage.
» The brass mounting screw where a ball head is being attached is missing

The brass mounting screw may be dropped inside the RA compartment during shipping. Please remove the silver mounting block to recover it.

» When the USB chord is plugged in will that serve as external power for the STP

When the USB plugged in, it is not served as an external power. It charges the battery while the battery is in use (same as your SmartPhone). So avoid to do this at 0C or below, since the battery may be damaged when charging below 0C.