ASCOM Driver and Commander for CEM70

This ASCOM Driver and iOptron Commander uses RS232 command language 2014 V3.x
Updated 10/31/2023

Minimum Requirement for this driver:
  • Direct Mount Control Windows 7 SP1/8.1 /10/11 with .NET (dotNET) Framework 4.8 or later installed. Make sure .NET Framework 3.5 is enabled in Windows 11.
  • Planetarium control via ASCOM: ASCOM Platform 6.6 SP1 and above
  • If Commander does not launch or can't find any mount, Please add the Commander File Fold and/or 3 exe files into the Exclusions/Whit List/Exception of the Antivirus software. Here is the instruction.

iOptron Commander and ASCOM Driver
Commander and ASCOM Driver Installer
Commander Update Notes
Connect CEM70 to Computer with Commander
iOptron Control Command Language 2014 V3.1