ASCOM Driver and Commander for CEM26/GEM28

This ASCOM Driver and iOptron Commander uses RS232 command language 2014 V3.x
Updated 10/31/2023

Minimum Requirement for this driver:
  • Direct Mount Control: Windows 7 SP1/8.1 /10/11 with .NET (dotNET) Framework 4.8 or later installed. Make sure .NET Framework 3.5 is enabled in Windows 11.
  • Planetarium control via ASCOM: ASCOM Platform 6.6 SP1 or later
  • Latest Firmware Installed
  • If Commander 9.0 does not launch or can't find any mount, Please add the Commander File Fold and/or 3 exe files into the Exclusions/Whit List/Exception of the Antivirus software. Here is the instruction.

iOptron Commander and ASCOM Driver
Commander and ASCOM Driver Installer
Commander Update Notes
Connect CEM26/GEM28 to Computer with Commander (Updated 1/22/2021)
iOptron Control Command Language 2014 V3.1