FAQ: iPolar Electronic Polar Scope

  • iPolar software does not run
  • (1) Check if the software is blocked by the computer antivirus software, including Windows Defender;
    (2) Check if your Windows operation system meets the requirement if you are using a PC. Download and run EnvironmentCheck.exe.

  • My camera does not connect
  • (1) Upgrade the iPolar.exe software to the latest version;
    (2) Check USB cable and both USB port and connector;
    (3) Check if iPolar is shown under Windows Device Manager\Camera;
    (4) Check Camera privacy setting under Windows =>Settings=>Privacy. Make sure to change "Allow apps to access your camera' is ON.
    (5) If you see the iPolar and computer settings are correct, but still failed to connecting, contact iOptron for further solution.

  • How can I reset my iPolar?
  • After the iPolar is connected:
    (1) Click on Settings;
    (2) Click on "Clear Center of Camera" in "Center of Camera" box. The X and Y value should be all "0";
    (3) Click on "Take Dark Frame";
    (4) Close Settings window to start polar alignment.

  • iPolar displayed "Can not find iOptronModule03.exe"
  • The AntiVirus software deleted the file. Please install the iPolar.exe with AV software disabled. Put the files/directory into your AV whitelist/exception.

  • Do I need to upgrade iPolar firmware to use the latest iPolar.exe?
  • No. The software is backward compatible.

  • Can I download a previous iPolar Software?
  • Version 2.21 link: iPolar Software V2.21
    Last version supports Windows 32 bit system iPolar Software V2.50