FAQ: SkyGuider Pro


  • Can the power switch be “on” while the battery is charging?
  • Yes, you may keep the unit on while charging. The LED should blink slowly when at low power, steady when charged 30-99%, and fast blink when reached full charge (and the charging circuit will reduce the charging current to zero.)

  • Does SkyGuider Pro have an ASCOM driver?
  • The SkyGuider Pro is a single axis tracking mount. It does not have the GOTO capability. So there is no ASCOM driver for the mount.

  • How do I autoguide a SkyGuider Pro?
  • Guiding a SkyGuider Pro does not need a driver. SkyGuider Pro guiding is through ST4. Connect your guiding camera ST-4 port to the Guide port of a SkyGuider Pro. Connect the guiding camera to a computer via USB. Set PHD2 guiding mode "on camera".