FAQ: ASCOM Related

  • Commander does not launch or can't find any iOptron Mount
    Follow this link to check: Commander Not Start

    1. If the mount firmware version matches the Commander requirement;
    2. If the ASCOM Platform needs to be upgraded;
    3. If Windows .NET (dotNET) Framework 4.8 or later is installed. Please also activate .Net framework 3.5. You can run this Environment Check file: https://www.ioptron.com/v/ASCOM/EnvironmentCheck.exe;
    4. Check the COM port in the Device Manager. The COM port assigned to the mount should be disappeared if you unplug the USB cable from the computer. All other USB port is irrelevant to the mount;
    5. Please disable any COM port that is associated with Bluetooth;
    6. Check your computer's USB port power management;
    7. Plug a mouse into the USB 2.0/3.0 port under the dovetail saddle, if there is one. Check if the port is working while the mount is connected to a computer;
    8. Try a different/short/better USB cable;
    9. Add the Commander File Fold and .exe and .dll files into the Exclusions/White List/Exception of the Windows Defender and/or AntiVirus software, if installed.