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Extended Warranty -CEM40
Extended Warranty -CEM40


Product Code: EW-CEM40
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Extended Warranty
To ensure our customers' worry-free experiences on the iOptron gears, iOptron now offers an extended warranty to its major products, which include mounts, telescopes, combo systems, and optical and electronic accessories. You may extend the warranty coverage by 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years in addition to the original 2-year warranty.

The terms and coverage of this extended warranty are the same as the standard warranty. A customer can buy the extended warranty either when ordering the products or before the standard warranty expires.

The extended warranty is not transferable.

Covered Products
Part Number Mount 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
C402A CEM40 Mount Head in Hard Case $119 $229 $329
C401A1 CEM40 $119 $229 $329
C402A1 CEM40 with Hard Case $139 $269 $389
C401A3 CEM40 with LiteRoc Tripod $139 $269 $389
C402A3 CEM40 with LiteRoc Tripod and Hard Case $139 $269 $389
C402AN3 CEM40-NUC $139 $269 $389
C402AG3 CEM40G with iGuider and LiteRoc Tripod $139 $269 $389
C404A CEM40EC Mount Head $189 $369 $539
C404A1 CEM40EC $189 $369 $539
C404A3 CEM40EC with LiteRoc Tripod $189 $369 $539
C404AN3 CEM40EC-NUC $199 $389 $569

To place an order:
Example: A three (3) year extended warranty for a CEM40 with LiteRoc tripod

1. Identify the product P/N# that needs be covered from the above table,. Here is C401A3
2. Choose the length of the Extended Warranty needed, EW1, EW2 or EW3 for 1, 2 or 3 Year(s), respectively. Here is EW3
3. The cost of the warranty "C401A3-EW3" is $389
4. Click HERE to pay
5. Enter the " C401A3-EW3" into "Case/Order/RMA #"
6. Enter $389 into "Amount"
7. Select one of the payment methods to complete the order.
8. E-mail your mount purchase receipt to [email protected] to complete the extended warranty purchase.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

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